7 Things That You Should Know About Press Release Distribution Services (But They Won’t Tell You)

After writing a press release, you can decide to pitch it directly to your target reporters or hire an online distribution service. Your goal is to secure media coverage and to spread the news immediately to as many people as possible.

If you opt to hire a paid distribution service, it can help boost traffic to your site, promotes engagement, authority and increase your search engine result scores. These are the things that you may be aware of. However, there are things that you probably don’t know about getting a press release service.

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These services may not inform you that:

  1. They will not produce links for you.

After Google’s changes in its algorithm, no business can secure links from releases. Google has aimed to provide only valuable content to the readers. It means, excluding all content that looks questionable or “spammy.”

If you’re hiring the service not only to distribute your releases, you can’t expect them to solve your link-building issues. It can’t include several links and keywords to make your site relevant. If you do this, your site can get penalized.

If you want to have links, the best way to do this is by writing quality releases. Other sites that find your content newsworthy and relevant will link back to you. This is the organic way to earn links and may boost your search engine rankings.

  1. You can distribute your release via pitching & using a distribution site at the same time.

You can combine pitching and using a press release service, to maximize your brand exposure. When you pitch to reporters, you get the chance of getting publicity. Your news may appear in the newspaper, magazines, radio or the television.

With this kind of coverage, it can help your brand immensely because your story can reach far and wide. When more people read about you, they will develop the perception that you’re an authority and an expert in your field.

At the same time, you may hire a distribution service directory to help your story get in front of your target audience. Since they are industry targeted, you’re assured that you reach the readers who are most possible to benefit and buy your products.

  1. You can have brand exposure with influencer marketing campaign.

There are several methods of press release distribution, and it includes using influencer marketing campaigns. Aside from journalists, you can connect with influencers like bloggers that can give your brand and products wide exposure.

Most influencers have a large following. They earned the reputation as an influencer because they have the power to influence people through their creative and engaging content.

By working with bloggers, they can help expose your brand to their followers and other people outside their network. Once they use your products and include it in their social media post, they have the capacity to encourage their followers to like, share or comment on the post.

The followers believe the bloggers they follow because of their consistent engaging posts. If you choose to work with them, make sure to choose bloggers, who can connect with your brand and have existing followers who may benefit from your products.

Choose the right influencers, study their profile before pitching. You may send them free samples. If they use it and make a review or create a post, it’s a sign that they are interested to work with you.

  1. Some press release service only syndicate your news.

You should be aware that some distribution agencies will not tell you that they only syndicate your news. Some only publish your story on their websites and some sites only for a limited time.

Most cheap and free distribution sites do this. They publish your story only on their sites, but not actually reaching reporters and publications. Using this method, marketers and PR professionals can’t expect media coverage results.

Before you choose a distribution site, make sure that you are collaborating with a reputable agency. Don’t waste your investment for PR efforts that don’t produce results.

There are a number of reputable distribution companies that offer quality service. PR Web, Newswire, PR Newswire and eReleases are some of these sites that provide results for your business campaign.

  1. You can use the social media for exposure.

Today, if you have a business, you should consider having your social media profile. If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

A lot of companies have seen their business picked up traffic, sales, leads and authority online. Your competitors may be enjoying these benefits because you don’t have a social media presence.

When you use a distribution service, ask them if their features include social media sharing. It ensures that every audience who reads your press release can share your content with their social media followers. They can also email it to their recipients.

Before choosing any company, look if they have this feature. They may not tell you about it, but this is important for you to earn more exposure.

  1. Using multimedia is important.

Do you know that including multimedia, such as images, videos, infographics and data can boost your content click-throughs? If you decide to hire a company for distribution service, they may not tell you how important multimedia is.

Studies found that content with images or videos in it increases the chance that it will be read and shared? Multimedia makes your release interesting and engaging for the media and the audiences.

Give the readers a way to digest your story easily. Pure text releases don’t work anymore. They are boring and dull.

Ask the distribution service if you can send them multimedia. Prioritize companies that offer this feature.

  1. Measuring your campaign is important.

When you approached a company, did they tell you that you that they have tools that can track and measure the results of your campaign? You should receive reports to how many people have read your release.

You should also receive charts and data that explain your monthly visitors each month, interactions it received, headline impressions and which websites picked up your story. Not knowing how your campaign performed is like wasting your investment on something that you don’t know will help your business.

Make sure that you know where your investment is going and measure your ROI. Reports and tracking tools give you an idea if your campaign is a success or not.

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