Cryptonex Coin Advantages and disadvantages

The crypto currency previously had to struggle with a trust problem. There are many projects in the crypto area that reveal little information about the team behind them. Most of them are crypto currencies that focus on anonymity and decentralization. The CNX Coin has a more market-based approach. A team that remains anonymous creates mistrust. Voices were raised that suspected Crypto nex to be a fraud. It didn’t hurt the CNX coin price so much. It has developed quite well over time and has been able to make good gains. Buying Cryptonex coins has never been so cheap, but it also shows that there is an interest on the stock markets to trade the coin.

Crypto currencies, which turn out to be a hoax, are usually just thrown onto the market, traded high and then the developers run away. The development, however, is not yet complete and the team is making further progress. The wallet can already be downloaded and the mining is working.

Cryptonex must be prepared to compete with other crypto currencies. The blockchain is not the only one who wants to simplify the exchange of crypto currencies and bring more liquidity to the crypto world. Some of them have a stronger team behind them. Crypto nex will not have it easy to assert itself, but perhaps more than just one will be used.

Cryptonex Coin Price and the Ethereum code

Buying Cryptonex coins has been possible since the end of November. On the first day the coin was worth 1.71 Euro. In the first days of December the coin rose to over 2 Euro, briefly reached over 4 Euro and then quoted over 3 Euro for a while. From the middle of the month until the end of the year, the CNX coin price remained above 4 euros. In January, the mood about the Ethereum code on the stock markets was generally good.

However, the CNX crypto currency was not immediately affected. For a long time, the Cryptonex Coin price fluctuated between 4 and 5 euros. Only on 23 January did the coin suddenly rise to 7 euros and a few days later to almost 8 euros per coin. Towards the end of the month the price fell again, which continued in February, where it fell below the 5 Euro level again. Thereafter, however, the price recovered again and rose to up to 6 euros per CNX.

But what can be said about a forecast? Probably not much if you want to remain cautious. In any case, the share price has performed well and could be worth more on average in 2018 than in the previous year. Nevertheless, it is conceivable that the price could fall at any time. But it could also go up again with the share price. As long as the CNX coin is not fully operational, the price will probably depend on the general mood in the market.

Create Cryptonex Coin Wallet

The Cryptonex Wallet should be easy to download and install from the Coin site. The wallet is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. To activate the wallet you need an account on Cryptonex so that the activation code can be sent by email.

Where can I buy Cryptonex Coin?
Buying Cryptonex Coin is currently only possible on the online trading platforms HitBTC, YoBit and EtherDelta. On Yobit you can also buy the CNX coin with dollars, otherwise you have to exchange it for Bitcoins or Ether.

Conclusion Cryptonex Coin
Cryptonex may have some potential, but developers may need to communicate it better. The proceeds from proof-of-stake mining are enormous and the coin could prove useful in the world of finance and everyday use.

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Abra CEO Bitcoin Reaches Over $50,000 Over Long Term

The CEO of Abra recently stated that in the long run you will see a Bitcoin price of $50,000. Yesterday we published an article in which a well-known hedge fund manager also targeted the $50,000 mark for 2018 and thinks that if the Bitcoin ETF is approved on 10 August 2018, one could rise towards $70,000.

In the long run, I see Bitcoin trader at over $50,000

Inverse, an American technology news source, recently reported that Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra, made a Bitcoin price forecast. However, unlike other price forecasts, Barhydt did not announce a timeframe, making his $50,000 Bitcoin expectation more feasible. Contrary to other bullish predictions, Barhydt noted that the investment projects in December were quite ambitious and that the prices that followed indicated that “we were way ahead of ourselves”.

The forecasts and opinions are not worthless as Abra has quickly become a leading service. The crypto service company hopes to increase adoption rates by offering an easy-to-use and accessible service for Fiat-to-Fiat, Fiat-to-Crypto and a pure crypto trade. Although these trading features may not sound spectacular, Abra now supports 25 crypto currencies and 50 fiat currencies, using smart contracts to offer trades between supported currencies.

$50,000 – Bitcoin code is accumulating

This was not the first time a crypto analyst has claimed that Bitcoin code will reach $50,000. Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, appeared in an interview with CNBC in early June and was asked about his forecast for the future price of the world’s leading crypto currency. He also estimated a value of $50,000, but that this mark will be reached in 2018.

A well-known crypto expert (who wants to remain anonymous) has requested a bet that by 2023 the Bitcoin will exceed the price of a Berkshire Hathaway share. He is betting $8.5 million if Bitcoin reaches around $280,000 by 2023.

At the moment, forecasts seem to be piling up in the direction of $50,000. If you look at the current market, it’s hard to imagine, of course, but as we know, Bitcoin only needs ten days to reach new highs. Probably the most important scenario for 2018 will be the SEC’s decision regarding the Bitcoin ETF. Why the Bitcoin ETF will probably be approved can be found in this article.

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The hack of the crypto exchange Binance

On March 7, trading activities were noted that did not meet the standard. Unusual activities were found on the VIA / BTC market. It took two minutes for Binance’s security system to automatically intervene and stop all payouts.

Table of Contents
The Binance Hack: What happened?
Hackers lose their coins
Praise for Binance
Phishing protection
The Binance Hack: What happened?
The hackers had collected user account credentials over a long period of time. According to Binance, it started at the beginning of January. On February 22, the fraudsters intensified their activities with sophisticated phishing domains with Unicode (e.g. Bịnance instead of Binance). Many users did not notice the change and unconsciously passed on their data to the fraudsters.

Bitcoin Profit What happened?

After the hackers scammed the access data, Is Bitcoin Profit a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First they used it to create an API key for each account for trading. After that nothing happened anymore – until March 7th. The hackers used the created AIP keys to manipulate and drive up the market VIA / BTC. 31 accounts took advantage of this price increase and sold previously deposited VIAs at the highest price. Immediately after the sale, these accounts wanted to pay off their profits – unsuccessfully.

Binance’s automatic security system deactivated the payouts. The hackers not only could not make a profit, their VIA coins were also frozen by Binance.

The hackers were clever, well-organized and patient. They waited for the right opportunity and took advantage of a low-volume market to maximize profits.

Hackers lose Bitcoin Revolution

But without success. All digital currencies are safe, the phishing and theft attempt failed. Bitcoin Revolution was able to fend off the attack and payouts are possible again.

The hacker attack was well-considered and elaborate. It took the attackers a lot of time and patience. But that’s not all. Binance simply turns the tables and “hacks” the hackers. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, wants to use the hackers’ coins and donate them to the Binance Foundation.

Binance has reversed all irregular trades. All deposit, trading and withdrawal are resumed. will write a more detailed account of what happened shortly. Interestingly, the hackers lost coins during this attempt. We will donate this to Binance Charity.

– CZ (not giving crypto away) (@cz_binance) 7 March 2018

Praise for Binance

Bitcoin exchanges are often criticized and usually rightly so. Security vulnerabilities, dissatisfied customers and hacks are no longer a rarity. That’s why we should praise Binance at this point.


It’s not so much about Binance stopping a hacker attack as about Binance’s behavior during and after the incident.

Binance* noticed the incident and an official announcement was immediately published. The problem was described in detail and the customers were clarified. And within a very short time the problem was solved. This action creates confidence in a stock exchange that has only been in existence for a short time.

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Bitcoin increase expected – Bitcoin Revolution fever in New York City

Blockchain Week New York has seen a series of large crypto-currency conferences flooding the Big Apple with thousands of blockchain experts, entrepreneurs and community members. With the CoinDesk Consensus Conference and the Ethereum Ethereal Summit, attended by crypto industry experts from around the world, crypto traders expect a strong market surge after the events. The annual Consensus Conference in New York is one of the biggest blockchain events of the year and has been associated with an increase in value and high market capitalization for three years.

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Must be #NYBlockchainWeek #Consensus2018

12:15 – 14 May 2018 – New York Hilton Grand Ballroom
565 users talking about it
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The Krypto – Bitcoin Revolution of the year

Consensus, for example, offers blockchain entrepreneurs, developers Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First and investors the opportunity to join a list of around 7,000 colleagues. The number of participants is also more than impressive. Last year, Consensus had 2,700 participants. This year the number of visitors is expected to rise to 7,000.

The week-long event has a number of big names in the Repertiore, including James Bullard, President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, and Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament.

However, not all participants in the blockchain industry are pleased about the increasing importance of the New York Blockchain Week. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin explained in April that he would boycott Blockchain Week because of the high ticket prices, noting that CoinDesk was recklessly “complicit in facilitating giveaway fraud.

Show picture on Twitter
Show picture on Twitter

Vitality Non-giver of Ether

I am boycotting @coindesk’s Consensus 2018 conference this year, and strongly encourage others to do the same. Here is my reasoning why.

1st Coindesk is recklessly complicit in enabling giveaway scams. See their latest article on OMG, which *directly links* to a giveaway scam.

17:25 – 26 Apr. 2018
1,866 users talking about it
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Blockchain Week Price Effects

The crypto currency market in general traditionally shows a positive price movement after the New York Blockchain week. In 2015, the price of bitcoin increased by 23 percent immediately after the event. After the second Consensus event in 2016, Bitcoin grew by 10 percent within a week and by another 80 percent by the end of the year. After Blockchain Week 2017, the bitcoin value rose massively by 69 percent, which strengthened the relationship between the event and the positive market development.

After New York’s Blockchain Week ends on the 17th of this month, the markets are beginning to swing slightly into the green. Co-founder of Fundstrat Global Research and Bitcoin Bull Tom Lee commented on the imminent recovery and predicted further positive action:


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Bitcoin is still an extremely risky area

There is a risk with every investment, but Bitcoin’s novelty and extreme volatility only increase that risk. Elio Soff stressed:

This is still an extremely risky area. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose!

It’s tempting to be bold and bold and throw money at Bitcoin after hearing success stories, but especially as a beginner, caution is the best aspect of bravery. There is no reason to pursue it overnight with Bitcoin to become a millionaire, and if you sink huge sums of capital into it right from the start, you will be confronted with more problems than solutions.

Marshall Swatt, a major contractor, suggested investing in crypto currencies:

Start small and invest a small part of your capital.

Tim Enneking, Managing Director of a big Website Management, also advises:

“Don’t chase after Bitcoin prices. Decide on an entry point and stick to it. With Bitcoin, you’re almost always right when it comes to predictable price promotions – it’s your timing that may not be right. So, be patient and let the Bitcoin prize come to you.”

There are a number of investment strategies for investing in crypto currencies that work really well with bitcoin, and those that offer the greatest success are often the most cautious.

Things like – putting the same amount of money into an investment at the same time, every week or every month – is great for Bitcoin as it helps you overcome both lows and highs.

3 Effectively diversify
Most new enthusiasts of digital currencies hear about Bitcoin first. However, in addition, there are thousands of other crypto currencies, and some of them grew much faster than Bitcoin. Diversification makes sense, especially since many of these “old coins” perform well even when bitcoin falls. Tech entrepreneur Oliver Isaacs writes about investing in crypto currencies:

Protect yourself against volatility and do not put all your money on one horse. Similar to investing in equities or foreign exchange, you should diversify your funds as a risk management technique.

investing and more

The famous stick picker Ronnie Moas is a convinced supporter of diversification. It is easy to fall in love with a crypto currency, especially Bitcoin, but it is important that you secure your bets.

Don’t put all your crypto money into Bitcoin,” Moas warns. You must spread it over at least a dozen of the more than 1,000 names. Concentrate on the names of the top 50.

4 Keep coins away from the stock markets

There is still a lot of hacking and theft in this area, and it is important to take precautions. It’s not too hard to make life hard for hackers. Use file sharing sites only for trading. Once you have bought a currency, move your money from the purse and into your wallet, which only you control, such as a hardware wallet.

Many people burned their fingers in stock market hacks – especially Mt Gox – but even in recent times, stock exchanges like BTC-e and the charges against their CEO have led to many people losing huge amounts of money.

Matthew Unger, founder and CEO of onlinebetrug proposed:

Just as you keep some cash in your wallet, something in your bank account and maybe the really valuable stuff in a safe, you need to manage digital currencies in the same way.

#5 Prepare yourself for a wild ride

Bitcoin is notorious for its volatility, so much so that many traditional investors are afraid of it. A massive slump in Bitcoin’s share price does not mean a permanent disaster. But it’s hard to stay involved in investing in crypto currencies when you’re in the red.

Diversification is a great strategy to help achieve this, but it requires some reflection and effort. Of course, the best known (and most successful so far) bitcoin strategy of all is to keep your investment independent of the volatility of the market.

Investing in Crypto Currencies
You can also “buy and forget” as it keeps you from worrying about dips and volatility if you don’t watch the market. Many investors use this track and are also very successful with it. No matter what you decide, keep these valuable tips in mind and you will hardly get any negative surprises when investing in crypto currencies.

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5 Important tips for investing in crypto currencies

Taking the plunge and entering the crypto world can be very intimidating. There is no centralized authority holding your hand, and the rumors and stories circulating around digital currencies can be terrifying. However, with a few simple tips, the first Bitcoin transaction or trade can be far less stressful. Here are 5 tips for investing in crypto currencies!
#1 Do your homework!
There are lots of hype, rumors, success stories and horror stories when it comes to Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting into and don’t risk losing more money than you can afford.

Bitcoin is an exciting world, but it is a world that is complex and confusing if you just enter it in hype. Many people buy expensive cars without knowing how the engine works, and that’s okay, because if it breaks down, there are mechanics and garages. In the world of crypto-currency it’s you against the world, it’s decentralized and there’s no one to hold your hand.

Pawel Kuskowski, CEO & co-founder of Coinfirm, gave this advice for investing in crypto currencies:

The more you understand, the better.

Don’t just speculate about the big money there is to make, go beyond and learn how Bitcoin and Blockchain work. Lucas Geiger, founder and CEO of Wireline, says:

BlockchainThis may seem obvious, but I think the first thing to do is to take time to understand the blockchain. I say this emphatically, because few do. If you don’t know exactly how a blockchain stores secure data (such as coins), then put your investment in the sand.

A good starting point is the beginning – the white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto. Crypto fund manager Jacob Eliosoff wrote

If you have any technical problems, take 10 minutes to browse through the original 2008 Satoshi White Paper. There are only eight pages, is easy to read and an inspiring work of genius!

The great thing about the crypto currency ecosystem, however, is that there is a lot of material and information. Many websites and resources aim to make the technology more understandable.

Moreover, the investment world is also trying to simplify things by making bitcoin more accessible to traditional investors. Introducing things like futures will help people understand how Bitcoin works.

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